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Should You Buy Automatic Instagram Likes?

This is a straight forward question. But depending on who you ask, you'll get varying answers.

Some people shy away from the idea of buying auto Instagram likes because they think they'll get into trouble or will get "found out." The truth is, accounts don't get banned, and celebrities and rising stars pay for likes all the time.

It's a common practice and is quite effective when used strategically.

Roughly 80% of Instagrammers follow at least one business, and 200 million users visit brand profiles at least once a day. Then another 60% discover products using the platform.

With stats like these, there's potential for your brand to grow.

But getting to this point requires a strategy to grow your Instagram likes. Without likes, your posts and your profile will struggle to gain visibility.

And that's what brings us back to the concept of buying Instagram likes. Is it something you should do to build your online presence?

Let's take a look.

Grow Your Small Business

When you don't have a big name attached to your business, you'll find it's a lot harder to gain traction.

Those bitten by the entrepreneurial bug will find that building a presence on social media is a critical step in achieving success.

Automatic Instagram Likes

One option is to buy auto Instagram likes.

This can help boost your posts so it gets more visibility. And with visibility comes interest -- but only if you're targeting the right people.

As long as you're delivering content your prospective customers want to see, then you'll find it easy to get their attention. The likes you buy will only help place your posts in front of their eyes.

Benefit from Instagram's Algorithm

Instagram is a mini search engine that connects people with likeminded individuals and brands. And like search engines, it uses an algorithm to help users find relevant content and profiles.

But how exactly does it work?

Several years ago, Instagram's algorithm was simple. All content showed up in your feed in chronological order.

Engagement didn't matter as much, which meant you had to time your posts to get more views.

This all changed in March 2016, when it switched from a chronological feed to one based on interest, timeliness, and engagement.

Because of the massive growth of the platform, most users were missing out on about 70% of the content in their feed.

With its new algorithm, it helps put content at the top of the feed that users most likely want to see. This is based on several factors, such as which accounts you like most, the posts you engage with a lot, and which posts your friends are liking and commenting on the most.

See a pattern here? If you want to supercharge your Instagram accounts, then you need to have content that people like and engage with.

Otherwise, your content will get pushed to the bottom of the feed.

Buying Automatic Instagram likes will help you to counter this.

Gain Control Over Your Engagement Rates

Publishing content on social media is a waiting game. But it doesn't have to be.

Why sit around wishing and hoping for the few followers you do have to interact with your content? You have the power to spice up your timeline with posts with thousands of likes.

You're able to buy 1,000+ likes for each post you publish. And you can even make it a recurring thing, so there's a consistent flow of likes on all of your content.

For example, you can buy likes for each post or every other post, so it fluctuates and looks natural. You can do the same with other metrics on your profile, such as followers, views, and comments.

The services available today make it easier to position your brand as an authority and a go-to resource for fun and engaging Instagram posts.

Grow Your Revenue Exponentially

Yes, we said exponentially, and it's no exaggeration.

Instagrammers who amass a sizeable audience tends to earn big bucks (even without creating or offering a product or service).

For example, influencers with 100k followers can earn $2,700 per picture. Then those who reach celebrity status with four to 20 million followers can charge anywhere between $6,700 to $17,500 per post.

Auto Instagram Likes

Imagine how much you can earn by promoting your products and services, while also getting sponsored? If your focus is on generating an income from Instagram, then getting likes, views, and followers is a part of the deal.

Why leave it up to chance? After all, we live in a socially-conscious society, which brings us to our next point.

Create Social Proof for Your Brand

Today's consumers don't fall for marketing gimmicks. They find what they need/want and then conduct research to see what others think of the brand and their product or service.

This is what makes social media so useful. Users are always sharing their experiences and reviews on products, which helps to stir buyer's decisions.

Becoming an influencer puts you in the spotlight where your opinion matters. If you review a product or service and users see it's getting thousands of likes, then it's going to draw their attention.

Instagram Likes Image 3

This is just one way social proof can work for your brand.

If you're gaining likes for your posts and other users (and possibly even other influencers) begin talking about your brand, then you now have social proof for your own brand.

This can be a double-edged sword so make sure you're putting out great content to ensure you get positive feedback. Social proof can demonstrate the quality of a brand or a lack thereof.

Get on the wrong side and you'll find yourself battling against a tide of negative comments.

Focus More On Generating Quality Content

Being a creative is a lot of work -- you have to come up with ideas, create content, and make it publish-ready. Then you have to ensure you have something to publish daily (or sometimes multiple times per day).

This doesn't leave much room for promotion.

Yet, without it, no one will find your content. By purchasing Instagram likes, you're able to cut back on some of the legwork.

You instantly generate likes so you can reap the benefits of higher visibility.

Now, you can focus on creating amazing content, so your followers have something to look forward to each day.

Build Trust and Credibility for Your Brand

It doesn't matter whether you're selling products and services or want to be an influencer who promotes other businesses. Either way, you need to have credibility.

Otherwise, no one's going to trust you enough to buy from you or your sponsors. A part of being an influencer is being relatable and genuine.

If your content achieves this, then it'll be easier to use the likes you purchase to drive more engagement for your posts.

When users see your posts have thousands of likes, it'll give the impression that you're someone with status. This social proof builds trust you can use to grow your brand fast.

Get Instant Visibility for Your Posts

We covered how Instagram's algorithm works and how a part of its judgment of posts is based on engagement. Your chances of showing up higher in someone's feed increase when you have thousands of post likes.

When you purchase automatic Instagram likes, you're getting instant likes, which leads to an immediate boost in visibility.

No need to waste time and effort trying to build up a following and engagement for your posts. It'll come naturally once you have social proof (aka thousands of likes).

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Have an online store, website, or blog? Then you need traffic to help it grow. One option is to play the SEO waiting game.

This can take months to rank in search engines, which means no traffic, engagement, or revenue for a long time. If you're trying to earn money quickly on Instagram, then you want to skip ahead of all this and start getting results.

Auto Instagram Likes Image 4

Since purchasing Instagram auto likes can help your popularity, visibility, and credibility, it'll also drive traffic to your site. Just post your site link on your profile or even promote it in some of your posts to build awareness.

It's a quick way to get more eyes on your website, which could mean more money in your pocket if you monetized it.

Buying Real Instagram Likes for Your Account

Once you decide to buy Instagram likes for your account, there's another critical step to make -- finding a reputable agency that delivers REAL likes.

By real, we mean likes that come from real people with real accounts, not robots. You'll come across quite a few agencies that promise thousands of likes from AI accounts.

This is easy for Instagram to detect, which puts your account at the risk of being suspended or banned. Don't make this mistake.

At Social10x, you can buy real Instagram likes at an affordable rate. Multiple packages are available -- so choose based on your budget and the level of notoriety you'd wish to obtain.

Surely, you have an idea of how you want your Instagram path to fame to be. So if you're ready to get started, then check out our deals at the top of the page today!

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