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Should You Buy Instagram Comments?

If you’re on Instagram and you have been for a while, you’ll be pretty familiar with how popular it has become over the past few years. It used to be easy to stand out from the crowd on Instagram – but not anymore. There are now over one billion monthly users vying for your attention, and while some of them are looking for what you've got, the competition is undoubtedly intense. However, it's not all doom and gloom – this also means that there's a great opportunity for you to get the exposure you have always been hoping to achieve. This doesn't mean that it's easy, though.

As we mentioned, if you were on Instagram back in the day, it wasn’t hard to find your target niche and attract them to your account. These days, everyone is on Instagram, including almost every famous person out there. This means that you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you if you want to connect with the people who are interested in your content.

In order to get people’s attention and bring them to your Instagram page, you’ve got to know how Instagram’s algorithm system works so that you can use this to your advantage. As you can imagine, the more followers you have and the better your engagement rate is, the more successful you’re going to be.

It's a bit of a tough one, though – it's kind of like being fresh out of college and needing a job. You need to find a job so that you can get some experience under your belt, but who's going to hire someone with no experience? It's the same with Instagram. You want people to be finding your page and interacting with your content, but for them to do this, you already need to have a relatively good following and great engagement rating. We imagine you get how infuriating this cycle can become because what it's basically saying is that you can't begin at the bottom – you've got to be popular from the get-go.

If you’re thinking about paying for Instagram comments, keep reading. We’re going to go over the advantages and disadvantages of paying for Instagram comments.

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The Benefits of Paying for Instagram Comments

1. To Fight the Man

You may have already noticed that each social media platform that you're on has its own algorithm that it uses to determine what people see. This is something that you've got to compete with, and it takes a lot of your destiny out of your hands. Instagram's algorithm determines when and where your content is seen, so if it's not being seen by the right people, then you're not going to have much luck growing your following.

In fact, the way that Instagram has been choosing who’s posts get the most exposure has been a frustrating point of conversation for companies and influencers alike. This is why a lot of these people have been thinking of ways to fight the system so that they also have a chance of doing well on Instagram.

If you go online and study the algorithm yourself, it makes sense – the more engagement you get on your content, the higher you’ll rank and the more people Instagram will put your content in front of. Obviously, it’s going to really help you if you’ve already got a decent Instagram following. However, what if you don’t? Again, it’s the job experience thing – you want people to see your Instagram content so that they interact with it, but how are you supposed to get it on front of them if you don’t have good engagement ratings?

Even if you’re not featured on the explore page for days on end, buying Instagram comments can definitely help to boost your engagement and attract some of your target audience to help boost your overall growth.

2. Instagram Engagement Gives You Cred

While we don’t like to admit this too much, it is the reality – people tend to follow what the crowd is doing, and when it comes to Instagram the crowd is interacting with people who are big. This is why brands are turning more and more to influencer marketing, and why we all read up on the opinion’s of others before we make a purchase online.

The idea of social cred online definitely applies to Instagram, arguably more than other social media platforms. Why else would Instagram make sure that people can see how many followers you have?

Everyone knows that you’re more likely to get more followers and a high engagement rating if both of these are already pretty impressive.

3. Become Competition For the Big Companies

We talked before a bit about even big brands on Instagram are getting frustrated by the algorithm system. This may sound a bit depressing – if big influencers and brands are in trouble, how do you think you’ll do? Not so good.

In fact, what this actually tells us is that you should be buying your Instagram comments. If the top ten ranked on Instagram all have millions of followers, the smaller accounts just don’t stand a chance. However, if you use a bit of your marketing budget to buy a bit of engagement for your content, you could end up becoming a bit more popular and ultimately boosting your exposure on Instagram.

The best part of buying Instagram comments is that it gives you credibility from the start. If you don’t have enough engagement going on from the beginning, you’re just going to stay stuck where you are.

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4. Fast-Forward the Instagram Engagement Process

So, do you really have to buy Instagram comments? Not at all. However, it is much better to give your content a boost and improve your engagement rating when it's down so that your target audience can continue to send it love when it's up.

Remember when we talked about the level of competition you’ve got on Instagram these days? It would take you so many hours of the day to encourage people to comment and interact with your content. Simply put, you don’t have time for this – you’ve got other parts of your brand to focus on. Believe it or not, you could be sitting around the thousand followers mark for years if you chose to do things manually. Why would you keep your brand at this pace, when you could pay for Instagram comments and give your content a much-needed boost?

The Downside of Buying Instagram Comments

We mentioned that we would be going through the pros and cons of buying Instagram comments for your account, and we will. The biggest downside to it that we can see is that depending on the company you decide to go with, some of the comments could be considered low quality or even spammy.

Instagram always has both eyes open for accounts that are too spammy, so it’s best to be wary of this when considering buying Instagram comments for your content.

Remember, there are some great companies out there who can provide you with high-quality engagement, and then there are some average companies as well. It's all about knowing which ones are going to do you right and which ones are just going to be a waste of your time.

One thing to look out for is the price. While you don't want to have to pay too much for your Instagram comments, you don't want to be too cheap with it, either. The best way to remember this is with the saying ‘if it's too good to be true, then it probably is.' If you've come across a company that is selling Instagram comments for really cheap, then they’re probably going to be low quality and may even make your account look spammy. When looking out for good deals on Instagram comments, try to find something that’s affordable, not cheap. There’s a big difference.

Quality of Instagram Comments

We've already touched on this a little bit, but it's incredibly important, so we're going to reiterate it. The most important thing to be looking out for when considering buying your Instagram comments, aside from the price, is the quality of the engagement. There are many services out there that will use bots to deliver your engagement, which means the comments are going to be low quality and spammy. Instagram has a good eye for this kind of stuff, remember, so it's not going to make you look too good.

Instead, you should be looking to buy Instagram comments from a company that only sells high-quality engagement which is going to attract even more people who want to interact with your content. While you may like the idea of having hundreds of comments on each post you put up, there's no point if they're not high quality. You've got to think quality over quantity here – it's much better to have twenty high quality comments that one hundred low-quality ones.


One of the best parts of buying Instagram comments is the price. This is because it is much cheaper than paying for Instagram to promote your posts through their ads. It also means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time enticing people to your page, which of course allows you much more time to focus on the rest of your brand.

We've got to say it again so that you remember it – if you come across a price that's too good, it's probably just that – too good. The desire for affordable Instagram engagement has meant that there are a lot of companies selling low-quality comments out there, for prices that we would consider cheap. Remember, they're cheap for a reason, and it's not so that you can save big on your marketing budget. If Instagram suspects your account of being too spammy, this could get it suspended or even banned. While you may have to pay just a tad more for better quality, it's going to pay itself off within a week or two.

So, if you want to remember anything, it’s this – you want your Instagram comments to be affordable, not cheap.

Does Buying Instagram Comments Get Your Account Banned?

If you are buying low-quality Instagram comments that come from accounts that aren't completely set up, then yes there's a good chance that they are going to get your page suspended or banned. This is why it's important to do your research and find a company that's going to offer you high-quality comments that stay away from Instagram's radar. As long as you're buying Instagram comments from the right Instagram marketing company, then you don't have to worry about being suspended or banned.

The Best Site for Buying Instagram Comments

You are probably wondering at this point where the best place is online to get high-quality Instagram comments? We recommend buying high-quality Instagram comments from Social10x. Whether you want a high level of engagement or you're just starting out nice and slow, we've got the right Instagram packages for what you're needing.

The best part is that we're not going to sell you low-quality engagement. We've been in the business of marketing for Instagram for many years now, and we've seen a lot of companies come and go because they attempt to sell their customers sub-par engagement.

Keeping your account safe is our biggest concern. This is why we won’t put it at risk of being suspended or banned. Social10x is a verified and trusted Instagram engagement service that has positive reviews all over the internet. Don’t keep sitting around hoping that your Instagram engagement will just magically start growing. Instead, invest a little bit of your marketing budget in our Instagram comments, and see the difference that they make almost straight away.

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